Maggi Senses Shoot


Lights, camera, action!

So Friday was the official day of the Maggi Senses advert and what a day it was indeed!

It was a one of a kind advert to be part of and to me, completely new. You see there was no script for this advert which means that we had to improvise the entire thing?! All I can say is, WHAT FUN!

Having that creative freedom really is amazing for an actor as we often don’t really get a say in the way things go in a scene. So being able to think outside of the box and as creatively as we possibly could was exciting! We thought of the most random things to throw in there and cracked up on a few takes, never knowing what could be thrown your way next! It allowed us to really bring Jack and Sandra alive as characters and make them relatable to the audience. I can’t wait to see the response!

Of course we were guided into the right direction by our directors as to not go completely overboard. And of course to remind us of the stories we made up, ’cause there’s no way to remember all of it for a repeat take all by yourself!

I’m excited to see the end product when it releases on the 20th of April 2016. So look out for our shenanigans and let us know what you think!



2016 So Far

Dear Blog,

It has been a billion years since my last blog post even though I keep promising myself that I will blog more. I guess I should stop lying to myself and just accept the facts! Hahaha.

So my 2016 has been pretty good for my acting career so far! I’ve recorded voice overs for PostBank and Redbull in the meantime – with the Frank Opperman mind you!

Upon arrival for my Redbull voice over I was told that we were just waiting for Frank before we could start recording. I was like okay cool, whoever that may be… not thinking anything of it. We never get any information about voice overs before we start recording. Next thing the legend himself walks into reception?! I was like, WHAT?! I mean I watched him as a kid on Orkney Snork Nie and follow his career as it keeps expanding and they cast ME next to him for a national radio advert?! What a proud moment that was. I feel very blessed for having had that privilege.

Running into March I’ve been cast for another advert! This time for Maggi 2 minute noodles Senses. We shot the first part of my appearance in the ‘series’ last Tuesday right in the streets of Jo’Burg CBD. Part two will continue on Friday – 1st of April. I’m excited to get back on set and then of course to see the final product!

Also… I had a look back at all the major acting gigs I’ve booked over the past few years and they all happen in March! I guess it’s just a good month for me?! Lol.

I’ll do an update after my shoot on Friday!

In the words of Ellen: “Be kind to one another!”



Brain Fart


People! Friends! Compadres…

It has come to my attention that over the last few weeks people have actually visited this blog! -shocker, I know-

Which made me stop and think – “I cannot show the people such old blog posts?!?!?! There must be more!!” And so it has inspired me to write another post.

Not that I have anything to say in particular… Except for: I’m busy building my YouTube empire. Please go and stalk me there and help me get to my goal. If Suzelle can do it, then so can I!

Keep it real!


Excitement in my Face

YouTube ZA

For a long time now I’ve had difficulty as a freelance entertainer / entrepreneur, especially in South Africa! ‘Cause, where do you turn to? Who do you look at? Where do you find advise?? It’s like a never ending struggle with countless dead-ends.

Recently though I’ve found plenty of platforms specifically for South African content creators and that excites me! Finally I don’t feel like I’m alone, swimming in this massive ocean known as the entertainment industry with no guidance. Suddenly there is a world where there are more people like me and I have access to information and the best part is, they are starting right from the bottom just like me and we are growing together!

I’m talking about a South African YouTube community right on my front door. You always hear about collabs happening over seas and the amazing supportive communities they have, but whenever I searched for a community in SA, I found nothing. Till the other day!

I’m so excited to share a platform with like-minded individuals who understand the journey and can see the end result even when no one else can, ’cause let’s be honest… Doing it alone and trying to continually convince everyone else around you, eventually makes you feel like an idiot and you start doubting yourself.

Other than this new found community I’ve also stumbled across a web-series about the acting industry and it is hosted by professional actors! This makes me feel even more at peace with myself and the struggles I face as an actor daily. It just makes me realize that we NEED more and more social platforms for us to grow as actors, which in fact has inspired me again to write this article.

To access all this information, just go to

To access the YouTube communities in SA, simply go on Facebook and search for “South African Youtubers” – there are loads of pages, groups and support systems you can join!

Let’s turn this industry on its head!


A Blessing from Above



So my agent just called me up and gave me the best news ever… My KFC advert is airing another 12 months!!

I am so excited I could jump through the roof! My contract was supposed to expire in June and then I would have just become another forgotten face. I was really sad about this because so many good things have come from this one advert and I didn’t want it to end… and now it doesn’t have to!

The client is so impressed with this advert that after my initial 3 month contract ends in June, it will be extended for another 12 months. This time it will be broadcast on TV, Internet, Cinema and Public Locations. I will be ALL over!

I am so overjoyed, this is the career and financial breakthrough I have been waiting for… not bad for someone who wasn’t even supposed to get this advert in the first place. I didn’t get the brief for the audition, I heard about it from a friend. I just took a chance and went anyway, and look at where I am now… God does not disappoint!

Thank You Jesus!


KFC – So Good

Well howdy-doodle-doo ya’ll!

Today I thought I’d just write a random post…

No topic…

No statistics….

Just… ME!

I’m feeling pretty darn good about life right now, what with my KFC advert popping up everywhere! What a confidence booster when just about every single person you know (and sometimes not) tells you that they have seen you on their TV screens! Especially after my last advert never aired?! -cries dramatically-

The weirdest thing though is walking in public now… usually I know when people are staring at me in public it’s because 1. I’m not actually allowed out in public and they can tell, 2. One of my bald spots is showing, or 3. There’s pepper stuck between my teeth… but now I’m not sure whether it’s because the above mentioned reasons or if somebody actually recognizes me?!

The other day I went to Cradlestone Mall to watch a movie with a friend and low and behold, my face was spread across that gigantic screen in the center!! Before I could even respond it was over and all I could do was to freak out a little on the inside.

Surprisingly that same night an elderly couple walked past me and the lady looked at me so naturally list 1 – 3 comes to mind… but then she looked at me again and then one more time before whispering something to her husband. Then he looked at me and she looked back again as they walked past and I was like… Oh yeah!! They recognize me from the big screen ya’ll!

So yeah, it is awesome getting recognition for the work you have done and reaping the rewards of following your dreams! Not to mention, it’s a great confidence builder!

So yeah, my soul is overjoyed at this moment in time!



There comes a time when a man needs to swallow his pride and admit he likes a boy-band… For me, it’s One Direction. I just can’t help myself what with their catchy sing along music. I went to their concert at the FNB stadium on Sunday the 29th of March and this is the result:

It’s Official – ‘n Konsternasie op Vladdersrust

Vladdersrust LogoToday is both a scary and tremendously exciting day at the same time. It’s always scary when you enter a new venture and are unsure of what is to come, alas you must be brave and conquer your fears! Too many people are living their fears, because they are too scared to pursue their dreams… I refuse to be one of them.

2013 Marks the date when ‘n Konsternasie op Vladdersrust was conceptualized. Part of the reason for this film was to create work for ourselves so that we would not have to sit around and wait for someone else to give us work.

Two years later the time has come to make this dream of ours a reality – one which is rather frightening. When you have put your heart and soul into something and you so desperately want it to be a success, it’s scary to share it with the world. What we are sharing isn’t just a film or an experience, but our raw, exposed hearts and that’s what makes it scary. As creatives we now have to share a piece of ourselves with the world and like most creatives, the fear of failure is what haunts us most.

Today I conquered part of that fear by sharing my heart with the world. We launched our Facebook page for our film and made it known to everyone what we were busy with for two years.

Already the response has been overwhelming with over 60 page likes in just 3 hours! Some likes, by people in the industry who I look up to. It’s times like these that remind you of the amount of support you have around you, an amazing and welcomed motivator for the year ahead! It’s good to know that so many people are backing you as you keep chasing your dreams.

Thus I am proud to say, it is official! Konsternasie op Vladdersrust is spreading through the world creating awareness as I type this post. Our movie is getting made!

Watch this space!


Taking a Leap!

Sometimes you just have to say: ” Screw it, I’m doing it!” I did that today and recorded a cover of Nat King Cole’s LOVE. Is it perfect? No, but I took a leap today and that’s what matters! I’ve always loved this song and I’m a very big jazz fan, so there it is. A cover by yours truly: