Get your Wish on!

IMG_9319-2 copy.jpg

So this post should have been done ages ago since I’ve had this watch a couple of months… but I guess better late than never?

I finally got my watch I ordered from Wish! At first I was quite skeptical about the app and just ordered 2 items that I liked that were dirt cheap and free. My free item came within the time period and the item I paid for, said watch in the picture, didn’t.

“Oh well, that was that”, I thought to myself. I let the supplier know that my item didn’t come through the mail and I was refunded. But low and behold a couple of months down the line I actually did get my Wish watch! I was so excited and I’ve been wearing it ever since!

Every single time I have this watch on I get so many compliments over it. My response always – “Thank you, it was free!” Technically it was, seeing that I was refunded… Every single person thinks that I paid an arm and a leg for it, but I like letting people in on the secret ­čśë See style doesn’t have to be expensive, you just have to have good taste.

I do have to say though that this is the type of watch that I wouldn’t typically wear, but seeing that it was free I took a chance and it paid off! Never be afraid to try something new ­čÖé

Since then I’ve ordered a bunch of other items that have all come earlier than promised. So right now I’m very impressed with Wish! Can’t wait to collect all my other watches I’ve so obviously ordered after the success of this one!

Yay for cheap things!


*Photo cred: Smook Photography


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