Butter Chicken & Sweet Potato

Ok so those of you who know me and who have read my blogs about food will know that I am the laziest cook ever! I love making food, but hate the time it consumes… so I do easy things 😉 15 Minutes in an out! This creation was made the other day  – Butter Chicken & Sweet Potato, because who doesn’t like butter?! In the words of Julia Child in Julie & Julia “Hmmmmmm…. BUTTER!”

This was literally so easy! All you need are some chicken breasts and frozen sweet potato pieces. Oh yes, and a whole lot of spices!

Cut the chicken breasts into smaller pieces / strips.

Next throw out some sweet potato into a bowl and microwave for about 6 – 8 minutes.

While that’s going on in the background warm up a pan on the stove. Just use the hottest temperature available we aren’t here to spend the day in the kitchen! (Oh right… at this point you should probably pre-heat the oven on it’s highest temperature also).

Chuck the chicken strips into the pan, along with a whoooole lot of butter. It’s butter chicken remember?! As soon as the chicken starts looking like it’s 90% cooked add some cinnamon (yes, cinnamon), salt and pepper and mix it up. Right before most of the liquid has cooked off throw in a splash of milk and cook until most of the liquid has vanished and you are left with a saucy chicken. (Don’t add too much liquid, the more liquid at the end of the cook-off the less flavour you have on the actual meat!)

By now your sweet potatoes should be done! Scoop them into an oven pan, with butter obviously… add some cinnamon and pop those into the oven.

Right so remember when I said 15 minutes max? I was referring to the actual preparation time… We all know the oven takes a bit longer but by this time you can go off and do whatever you want until it’s done… Maybe 30 minutes? I don’t remember. Just check in often to see whether everything has mixed and that the sweet potato is soft and delicious.


It’s that easy. Who needs recipes when you can just throw whatever is in your cupboard on a plate and have it be amazing? To finish you can add some mixed spices to your chicken for presentation. Every meal needs something green on top 😉



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