Today I thought that I would write a post about what it’s like to be a creative, because I don’t think people understand us all the time.

Creatives are dreamers… We dream a lot and we dream big! We can spend an entire day just dreaming about life, the plans we have for our careers, where we want to be with our careers. The problem sets in when it comes to doing…

Being creative means that we are part scatterbrained. It is built in us and it comes as a factory default. This unfortunately means that we can’t always connect A to Z. Heck sometimes we struggle to get from A to B?! Let me explain what I mean:

As dreamers we dream big dreams for ourselves. The problem is that we often dream so big that we don’t even know how to achieve the first goal in getting to the top. We know exactly what we want! We just don’t know how to get there… or how to even start the journey to getting there. And that is where we struggle most!

This often leaves us confused, annoyed, frustrated and downright hopeless. Why don’t our plans work out?! We will try anything to make our dreams come true. This often also leads to working our butts off, for free! That’s right! Free! Nada! ZERO moola. We do this in the hopes that maybe someone will notice our work and by some miracle “reward” us for our time or “find” us in our search. The problem is this rarely ever leads to anything, causing more frustration! Hence back to square one… hence restarting the free-work-cycle and so on and so forth. It’s a vicious cycle. It’s exhausting right? Now you get it ­čśë Welcome to our world!

I feel like us creatives don’t really fit into any mould. Not rigid enough for strictly business, not quite loony enough to die for art, but just… in between. Like that movie – The Divergent.. Where that girl doesn’t really belong to any faction because she can see the bigger picture within the realm of reality.

People often mistake us for not having any direction in life, but it is the complete opposite. It is actually because we are so driven that we are willing to try anything to get to the top!

So next time instead of shaking your head in disbelief, rather encourage our behaviour, because one day it will lead us somewhere big!

Yours in creativity…




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