Unofficial #Foodie


Ok so I am by no means an expert on food, etiquette or really anything that says: “I know what I’m talking about”. But I do love food, like a lot! The tastes, the textures and even the presentation. See, I know something ­čśë

One of my all time favourite places to visit is Ana Paula’s in Krugersdorp. They have the most divine foods with the most divine flavours. You literally do not get better than this!

The above picture is of a half gourmet burger and half full house tramazini (yes I’m that much of a pig. Sometimes you can have your bread buttered on both sides). I’m not even going to try and describe everything in it, you just have to try it for yourselves!

And besides the scrumptious foods and drinks, you will enjoy the tranquil garden and hospitality from the owner herself. You literally feel the stress just fall off your shoulders for that bit of time you spend there.

And no this is not a paid advert, or a sponsor or anything like that. I just enjoy good food and excellent service and people must know about it. So you can expect more posts like these =D



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