2016 So Far

Dear Blog,

It has been a billion years since my last blog post even though I keep promising myself that I will blog more. I guess I should stop lying to myself and just accept the facts! Hahaha.

So my 2016 has been pretty good for my acting career so far! I’ve recorded voice overs for PostBank and Redbull in the meantime – with the Frank Opperman mind you!

Upon arrival for my Redbull voice over I was told that we were just waiting for Frank before we could start recording. I was like okay cool, whoever that may be… not thinking anything of it. We never get any information about voice overs before we start recording. Next thing the legend himself walks into reception?! I was like, WHAT?! I mean I watched him as a kid on Orkney Snork Nie and follow his career as it keeps expanding and they cast ME next to him for a national radio advert?! What a proud moment that was. I feel very blessed for having had that privilege.

Running into March I’ve been cast for another advert! This time for Maggi 2 minute noodles Senses. We shot the first part of my appearance in the ‘series’ last Tuesday right in the streets of Jo’Burg CBD. Part two will continue on Friday – 1st of April. I’m excited to get back on set and then of course to see the final product!

Also… I had a look back at all the major acting gigs I’ve booked over the past few years and they all happen in March! I guess it’s just a good month for me?! Lol.

I’ll do an update after my shoot on Friday!

In the words of Ellen: “Be kind to one another!”