Excitement in my Face

YouTube ZA

For a long time now I’ve had difficulty as a freelance entertainer / entrepreneur, especially in South Africa! ‘Cause, where do you turn to? Who do you look at? Where do you find advise?? It’s like a never ending struggle with countless dead-ends.

Recently though I’ve found plenty of platforms specifically for South African content creators and that excites me! Finally I don’t feel like I’m alone, swimming in this massive ocean known as the entertainment industry with no guidance. Suddenly there is a world where there are more people like me and I have access to information and the best part is, they are starting right from the bottom just like me and we are growing together!

I’m talking about a South African YouTube community right on my front door. You always hear about collabs happening over seas and the amazing supportive communities they have, but whenever I searched for a community in SA, I found nothing. Till the other day!

I’m so excited to share a platform with like-minded individuals who understand the journey and can see the end result even when no one else can, ’cause let’s be honest… Doing it alone and trying to continually convince everyone else around you, eventually makes you feel like an idiot and you start doubting yourself.

Other than this new found community I’ve also stumbled across a web-series about the acting industry and it is hosted by professional actors! This makes me feel even more at peace with myself and the struggles I face as an actor daily. It just makes me realize that we NEED more and more social platforms for us to grow as actors, which in fact has inspired me again to write this article.

To access all this information, just go to http://saactors.rockthisuniverse.com/interview-page

To access the YouTube communities in SA, simply go on Facebook and search for “South African Youtubers” – there are loads of pages, groups and support systems you can join!

Let’s turn this industry on its head!



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