A Blessing from Above



So my agent just called me up and gave me the best news ever… My KFC advert is airing another 12 months!!

I am so excited I could jump through the roof! My contract was supposed to expire in June and then I would have just become another forgotten face. I was really sad about this because so many good things have come from this one advert and I didn’t want it to end… and now it doesn’t have to!

The client is so impressed with this advert that after my initial 3 month contract ends in June, it will be extended for another 12 months. This time it will be broadcast on TV, Internet, Cinema and Public Locations. I will be ALL over!

I am so overjoyed, this is the career and financial breakthrough I have been waiting for… not bad for someone who wasn’t even supposed to get this advert in the first place. I didn’t get the brief for the audition, I heard about it from a friend. I just took a chance and went anyway, and look at where I am now… God does not disappoint!

Thank You Jesus!