KFC – So Good

Well howdy-doodle-doo ya’ll!

Today I thought I’d just write a random post…

No topic…

No statistics….

Just… ME!

I’m feeling pretty darn good about life right now, what with my KFC advert popping up everywhere! What a confidence booster when just about every single person you know (and sometimes not) tells you that they have seen you on their TV screens! Especially after my last advert never aired?! -cries dramatically-

The weirdest thing though is walking in public now… usually I know when people are staring at me in public it’s because 1. I’m not actually allowed out in public and they can tell, 2. One of my bald spots is showing, or 3. There’s pepper stuck between my teeth… but now I’m not sure whether it’s because the above mentioned reasons or if somebody actually recognizes me?!

The other day I went to Cradlestone Mall to watch a movie with a friend and low and behold, my face was spread across that gigantic screen in the center!! Before I could even respond it was over and all I could do was to freak out a little on the inside.

Surprisingly that same night an elderly couple walked past me and the lady looked at me so naturally list 1 – 3 comes to mind… but then she looked at me again and then one more time before whispering something to her husband. Then he looked at me and she looked back again as they walked past and I was like… Oh yeah!! They recognize me from the big screen ya’ll!

So yeah, it is awesome getting recognition for the work you have done and reaping the rewards of following your dreams! Not to mention, it’s a great confidence builder!

So yeah, my soul is overjoyed at this moment in time!