There comes a time when a man needs to swallow his pride and admit he likes a boy-band… For me, it’s One Direction. I just can’t help myself what with their catchy sing along music. I went to their concert at the FNB stadium on Sunday the 29th of March and this is the result:


It’s Official – ‘n Konsternasie op Vladdersrust

Vladdersrust LogoToday is both a scary and tremendously exciting day at the same time. It’s always scary when you enter a new venture and are unsure of what is to come, alas you must be brave and conquer your fears! Too many people are living their fears, because they are too scared to pursue their dreams… I refuse to be one of them.

2013 Marks the date when ‘n Konsternasie op Vladdersrust was conceptualized. Part of the reason for this film was to create work for ourselves so that we would not have to sit around and wait for someone else to give us work.

Two years later the time has come to make this dream of ours a reality – one which is rather frightening. When you have put your heart and soul into something and you so desperately want it to be a success, it’s scary to share it with the world. What we are sharing isn’t just a film or an experience, but our raw, exposed hearts and that’s what makes it scary. As creatives we now have to share a piece of ourselves with the world and like most creatives, the fear of failure is what haunts us most.

Today I conquered part of that fear by sharing my heart with the world. We launched our Facebook page for our film and made it known to everyone what we were busy with for two years.

Already the response has been overwhelming with over 60 page likes in just 3 hours! Some likes, by people in the industry who I look up to. It’s times like these that remind you of the amount of support you have around you, an amazing and welcomed motivator for the year ahead! It’s good to know that so many people are backing you as you keep chasing your dreams.

Thus I am proud to say, it is official! Konsternasie op Vladdersrust is spreading through the world creating awareness as I type this post. Our movie is getting made!

Watch this space!