South African Film Figures


What are South African movies earning at the box office??

I have searched high and low to try and find these figures so that I can get a better understanding of the South African film budget. Thanks to the NFVF, these figures are now available to the public.

Herewith a list of recent South African films in order of success:

  • Schuks! Your country needs you – R26.5 Mil
  • Mad Buddies – R25.5 Mil
  • Pad Na Jou Hart – R11.5 Mil
  • Semi-Soet – R9.5 Mil
  • Adventures in Zambezia – R8 Mil
  • Material – R7.5 Mil
  • Faan se Trein – R7 Mil
  • Spud 2: The Madness Continues – R6.5 Mil
  • As jy Sing – R6.5 Mil
  • Vrou Soek Boer – R5 Mil
  • Klein Karoo – R5 Mil
  • Die Wonderwerker – R5 Mil
  • Wolwedans in die Skemer – R4 Mil
  • Fanie Fourie’s Labola R3.5 Mil
  • Pretville – R3.5 Mil
  • Verraaiers – R2.5 Mil
  • Konfetti – R2.5 Mil
  • Ordinary People R2 Mil
  • Lien se Lankstaanskoene – R2 Mil
  • Nothing For Mahala – R2 Mil
  • Bakgat 3 – R2 Mil
  • Inumber Number R1.5 Mil
  • Blitz Patrolie – R1 Mil
  • Die Laaste Tango – R1 Mil
  • Molly en Wors – R1 Mil
  • 100M Leeuloop – R1 Mil
  • Stuur Groete aan Mannetjie Roux – R1 Mil
  • Agent 2000 – R1 Mil
  • Stilte – R1 Mil
  • 31 Million Reasons – R800 000
  • Die Windpomp – R700 000
  • Ek Joke Net 2 – R600 000
  • Babalaz – R400 000
  • Musiek vir die Agtergrond – R400 000
  • Felix – R300 000
  • Four Corners – R300 000
  • Copposites – R300 000
  • Otelo Burning – R200 000
  • Jimmy in Pienk – R200 000
  • Little One – R200 000
  • Agter die Ligte – R100 000
  • Lucky – R100 000
  • Sleeper’s Wake – R50 000
  • Zama Zama – R40 000
  • Bustin Chops – R20 000
  • The Power of Anne – R5 000

Please note that these are not the exact figures of income. I have rounded these off for the sake of the article. For exact data please see the links to the NFVF site at the end of this article.

So why is it that some of these movies made it big and others simply crashed and burned? Marketing… That is what separates the boys from the men. Just think… How many of these movies have you ever heard of? Now think of where they are on the list… Exactly!

All the movies on the top of the list are the films you knew about and knew when they were going to screen at the cinema. Those are the films you heard about on radio, saw on television, saw on Facebook, saw billboard ads for. They were everywhere at the time of release! There was a buzz around the film and people knew exactly when opening night was, thus giving them the opportunity to go and see the film, thus allowing the film to receive income.

Some of the films on the list are really great movies, but I had never seen or heard one ounce of advertising around the film. In plain words… I didn’t even know about it! In fact most of those movies I only knew about because I worked at a DVD store for a while and we received the movies to rent out. Other than that there was no info.

Some of these films are fantastic movies but didn’t get the credit it deserves. Same for the other way round. Some of these movies were highly acclaimed and yet… They aren’t that great, but thanks to their incredible marketing techniques, they made their money.

So there you have it. What SA movies are earning and why!