Actor Salaries in South Africa



An answer to a much sought after question. What do actors get paid in South Africa?!

For years I have wondered what actors get paid in SA but there has never been an answer for it. As an aspiring actor it’s important to know what you can expect income wise so that you can plan for your future. Yet this information has never been available, it has always been like a best kept secret, until now!

Thanks to the massive controversy around Generations and what their actors got paid, someone, somewhere decided that it was time for these figures to be released to the public and to those of us who are trying to make a living in the acting community.

Every profession out there has an easy, web searchable answer to average salaries. Doctors? Easy… Plumbers? Oh yeah… Heck even a boring receptionist job has an easy salary answer. But why the secrecy around entertainment industry professions?? Well here we are, a decent answer to a long awaited question:

According to the South African Guild of Actors this is what soap stars earn:

A newcomer on 7de Laan – R22,000 a month
A newcomer on Isibaya – R26,000 a month
An intermediate actor on Binnelanders – R27,500 a month
An intermediate actor on Isidingo – R28,000 a month
An intermediate actor on Generations – R40,000 a month
An experienced actor in a support role on Isibaya – R30,000 a month
An experienced actor on Isidingo – R40,000 a month
An experienced actor on Generations – R60,000 a month

Now we only need to get our hands on the film industry’s figures… But one thing at a time I suppose.

Now it’s only a matter of landing one of these coveted titles mentioned above. Until then, we will keep on keeping on!